12 Questions You Must Ask Your SEO Specialist – And How Pressific Has Got You Covered


SEO is more than a buzzword; it’s an essential component of business success in the digital age. If you’re considering working with an SEO specialist, knowing what to ask them is crucial. In this blog post, we outline the questions you should ask and how Pressific can meet your needs—backed by the power of RankMath Business for comprehensive analytics and reporting. Without further adieu let’s dive into the top 12 questions to ask about SEO.

1. Keyword Strategy

What Should You Ask?

“What keywords are you targeting, and how did you choose them?”

Why Should You Ask?

Keywords aren’t just the backbone of an effective SEO strategy; they’re the entire skeletal system, giving structure and direction to your online presence.

Picking the right keywords can be the difference between surfacing at the top of search results or languishing in digital obscurity.

Here’s how we approach this crucial element at Pressific.

Ask your SEO Specialist about Keyword Strategy

How Pressific Delivers

The Power of the Right Tools

Our selection of tools such as RankMath Business allows us to dig deep into keyword metrics, looking beyond the obvious choices to identify hidden gems that your competitors may have overlooked. Through detailed analysis, we can pinpoint keywords that are not just relevant to your niche but also have a high likelihood of converting traffic into customers.

Four-Pronged Approach to Keyword Selection

  1. Keyword Relevance: We start by identifying keywords that are directly related to your business, product offerings, and target audience. We examine consumer search behaviour, industry jargon, and trends to select these.
  2. Search Volume vs. Competition: High search volume is excellent, but not if a keyword is too competitive. We find the right balance to ensure that the keywords targeted will deliver maximum ROI.
  3. Long-Tail Keywords: These are more extended, more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to making a purchase or when they’re using voice search. They may have a lower search volume, but they often have a much higher conversion rate.
  4. Local Keywords: If your business serves a local market, local keywords can make a significant impact. We ensure that your keyword strategy includes geo-specific terms to attract local traffic.

If you’re on the hunt for some top-notch keyword suggestions, check out the Free Keyword Tool – it’s a game changer.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

The keyword landscape isn’t static; it’s ever-changing. What works today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, we continually monitor keyword performance and are prepared to adapt your strategy as market conditions change. This involves scrutinizing metrics like click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversion rates, and making adjustments as necessary.

Continuous monitoring and adaptation

Transparent Reporting and Client Collaboration

We believe in full transparency and client collaboration. Our detailed but easily digestible reports keep you in the loop about your keyword performance, the rationale behind your choices, and the results they’re driving. This allows you to not just understand what we’re doing, but also why we’re doing it.

In summary, the keyword strategy at Pressific is a multifaceted approach that combines years of expertise, a deep understanding of industry trends, and the use of powerful tools to create a keyword list that doesn’t just increase traffic, but also boosts conversions and customer engagement.

2. On-Page Optimisation

What Should You Ask?

“How will you handle on-page elements like meta descriptions, title tags, and header tags?” These are the most important SEO questions to ask.

Why Should You Ask?

When it comes to SEO Questions, on-page SEO isn’t just a matter of ticking a box. It’s a blend of art and science that combines technical expertise with a deep grasp of your audience’s preferences and behaviours.

Ask your SEO Specialist about how to  handle on-page elements like meta descriptions, title tags, and header tags.

How Pressific Delivers

At Pressific, we adopt a thorough strategy to refine key on-page components like meta descriptions, title tags, and header tags. Such elements are not only pivotal for search engine positioning but also for ensuring a stellar user experience.

Advanced Tools for Precision

We employ a suite of industry-leading tools to ensure every on-page element is optimised for maximum performance. These tools help us to understand user intent, keyword relevance, and the competitive landscape, ensuring that we create meta tags and headers that are both effective and aligned with your brand.

Comprehensive On-Page Element Strategy

Here’s a breakdown of how we tackle each element:

  1. Meta Descriptions: We write compelling meta descriptions that offer a succinct yet enticing overview of the page content. Our goal is to incite curiosity and encourage clicks without compromising keyword optimisation.
  2. Title Tags: The right title tag can make or break your page’s visibility in search engine rankings. We meticulously craft title tags that are descriptive, keyword-rich, and aligned with your content, ensuring that they are easily understood by both search engines and humans.
  3. Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.): Headers are not merely for breaking up text; they’re strategic elements that guide both the user and the search engine through your content. We design header tags to be descriptive and keyword-friendly, ensuring they add value and structure to your page.

Consistency is Key

All these on-page elements are designed to work in synergy. Consistency across meta descriptions, title tags, and headers ensures a coherent and user-friendly experience. It also strengthens your brand message and increases the likelihood of high search engine rankings.

Regular Audits and Updates

SEO is an ongoing process. We conduct regular audits of all on-page elements to ensure they continue to be effective in both ranking and user engagement. Changes in search engine algorithms, competitor strategies, or even shifts in your own business focus can necessitate adjustments. We’re always on top of it.

By taking a holistic, data-driven approach to on-page optimisation, Pressific ensures that each element is not just a placeholder but a powerful tool to improve rankings and engage your target audience effectively.

3. Content Strategy

What Should You Ask?

“What type of content should we focus on? Blogs, videos, infographics?”

Why Should You Ask?

When tackling SEO Questions, it’s clear that content is indeed king. However, not all content dons the crown with equal grace. Certain types shine brighter for specific objectives, whether it’s brand building, engagement, or conversion.

What type of content should we focus on?

Worth reading What is a Low Content Page and How It Impacts SEO: A Complete Guide

How Pressific Delivers

At Pressific, we mix AI-driven data with our wealth of practical know-how to craft a content strategy in tune with your desired keywords and one that truly vibes with your audience. Here’s our approach:

Tailored to Your Goals and Audience

Firstly, understanding your business goals and target audience is paramount. Are you looking to boost brand awareness, drive sales, or engage existing customers? Once we have a clear picture, we can identify which content types—be it blogs, videos, or infographics—are best suited to achieve those objectives.

Diverse Content Types

Based on our analyses, we can suggest a diverse range of content types to keep your audience engaged and improve your search engine rankings. The options might include:

  1. Blogs: Great for deep dives into topics, SEO keyword integration, and providing real value to your audience.
  2. Videos: Highly engaging and shareable, perfect for explaining complex topics or showcasing your product’s features.
  3. Infographics: Excellent for breaking down complex information into easily digestible, visually appealing formats.

AI-Driven Insights

We harness the power of AI-driven tools like RankMath Business to analyze vast sets of data, identifying trends and insights that human eyes might miss. This ensures that the content we recommend is not just based on intuition or past experiences, but is data-backed and primed for current market conditions.

SEO-Optimized Content

We go beyond just including target keywords. Our SEO strategies involve optimizing your content’s structure, sub-headings, internal and external links, and meta descriptions to ensure that it’s fully primed for the best search engine performance.

Dynamic Content Calendar – This is a Paid Add-On and not a part of Pressific’s standard plans.

The world isn’t static, and neither should your content be. Our content calendar is dynamic, adapting to new trends, industry news, and shifts in consumer behaviour. This means your content remains relevant, fresh, and timely.

Constant Monitoring and Adaptation

Content strategy isn’t a ‘set and forget’ task. We constantly monitor key performance indicators like traffic, engagement rates, and conversion rates to understand how your content is performing. Depending on these metrics, tweaks are made to the strategy to keep it in line with achieving your goals.

By marrying technology with human expertise, Pressific delivers a content strategy that not only boosts your search engine rankings but also deeply engages your target audience. It’s not just about getting eyeballs on your content; it’s about getting the right eyeballs, and then converting those into loyal customers.


Content is still king in the digital realm. We use RankMath Business’ AI-driven insights and our years of experience to identify content types that align with your target keywords, ensuring that your content not only ranks but also engages.

4. Technical SEO

What Should You Ask?

Common SEO questions to ask: “How will you tackle technical issues like page speed, mobile-friendliness, and site architecture?”

Why Should You Ask?

While content might be king, Technical SEO is the unsung hero that makes sure the kingdom runs smoothly. In today’s digital landscape, you can’t afford to overlook the nitty-gritty technical details that significantly impact your site’s performance and, by extension, your search rankings.

Ask your SEO Specialist about technical aspect of SEO.

How Pressific Delivers

At Pressific, we employ a multi-layered strategy to address these essential elements, ensuring your site is fast, mobile-friendly, and intuitively structured. Here’s how we go about it.

Optimal Use of WordPress
WordPress offers robust features that can be tailored to support SEO. We take full advantage of this platform, utilizing best practices for themes and plugins that align with SEO strategies without sacrificing performance.

High-Speed Web Servers and Cloud Networking
Utilizing high-powered web servers and CloudFlare’s extensive network reach allows us to speed up content delivery drastically. Faster page loading times don’t just improve the user experience; they’re also a significant ranking factor in search engines like Google.

Comprehensive Audits with the Pressific Max Package
Our Pressific Max package includes periodic comprehensive technical SEO audits. These audits serve as a health check for your website, identifying issues that could be affecting your site’s performance and search engine rankings.

Comprehensive Audits with the Pressific Max Package

Key Areas of Focus
Page Speed: A slow website isn’t just frustrating for visitors; it can also negatively impact your search rankings. We employ various optimization techniques, such as image compression, lazy loading, and browser caching, to ensure your site loads quickly. If you’re hosting with us, there are only a handful of WordPress hosts who are marginally faster than us. We use Enterprise Level Network Management through CloudFlares World Class Infrastructure.

Mobile-Friendliness: With the increasing number of mobile users, having a mobile-friendly website is no longer optional. We ensure your site’s design is responsive, meaning it adapts and functions well on various screen sizes, from smartphones to tablets and desktops.

Site Architecture: The way your website is structured can significantly impact both user experience and search engine indexing. We create a logical architecture, focusing on a hierarchical structure and clean URL paths, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site.

Proactive Issue Resolution
The audits we conduct aren’t just for show; they’re the basis for proactive actions. Any issues identified, be it broken links, 404 errors, or issues with XML sitemaps, are promptly addressed. This ensures your site remains in peak condition, offering a seamless experience for both users and search engines.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation
The online landscape is ever-changing, as are the algorithms that dictate search engine rankings. Our strategy includes continuous monitoring of key performance indicators, allowing us to adapt your technical SEO strategy as needed. This ensures your site remains compliant with best practices and continues to deliver optimal performance.

Transparent Reporting
Understanding what goes on behind the scenes is crucial for any business. Our transparent reporting provides insights into what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how it’s affecting your website’s performance. This empowers you to be part of the strategy and make informed decisions.

By taking a holistic approach to Technical SEO, Pressific ensures that your site is not only robust and reliable but also optimized for the best possible search engine performance. It’s like giving your site a well-oiled engine, making sure it runs smoothly while cruising down the information superhighway.

Technical SEO can’t be ignored. We use WordPress in an optimal way along with high-powered web servers and CloudFlare’s massive network reach to deliver content to clients as well as Google and other search engines. On the Pressific Max package, we periodically conduct comprehensive audits and identify any issues, which we then resolve to make your site more accessible and faster.

5. Local SEO

What Local SEO Questions Should You Ask?

If you’re a business owner or marketer, the question on your mind should be, “How will you enhance our local SEO rankings?”

Why Should You Ask?

When diving into SEO Questions, it’s evident that while the internet is a vast digital expanse, for numerous businesses, the local scene reigns supreme. Local SEO masterfully blends art and technique to position your business at the forefront of geographically tied searches. This strategic approach ensures that when local customers are on the hunt for what you deliver, you’re their go-to choice.

You should ask your SEO Specialist about local SEO rankings.

How Pressific Delivers

Let’s delve into how Pressific not only helps your business stay in the game but truly excels in local SEO.

Google My Business: Your Local Business Card

Google My Business (GMB) isn’t just another directory; it’s your new business card for the digital age. A well-optimized GMB listing provides potential customers with essential information about your business and can significantly affect your local search rankings. At Pressific, we go beyond setting up your listing. We dig deep into the features that can make your GMB stand out, like accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) data, high-quality images, and garnering legit customer reviews. And yes, we do leverage RankMath Business’ local SEO features for that added oomph in your GMB listings.

Targeting Local Keywords: Your Digital Megaphone

While traditional keyword research has its place, local keyword research is a whole different ball game. For example, ‘best pizza’ and ‘best pizza in Manchester’ cater to different audiences and different intents. We tailor our keyword research to identify phrases and terms that local customers are actually using. Whether they’re neighbourhood-specific terms or jargon commonly used in your locality, we’ll find them and ensure they’re integrated into your content and meta descriptions.

On-Page Local Optimisations: The Unsung Heroes

Beyond the obvious, several on-page elements can affect your local SEO. These include your title tags, meta descriptions, and the content itself. We give all these elements a local flavour, enhancing their relevance to your target local audience. But it doesn’t stop there; we also include local schema markup to give search engines a clearer picture of where your business is located and what it offers.

Customer Reviews and Social Proof: Your Local Trust Badges

Let’s face it; everyone checks reviews. A business with higher ratings and positive reviews is bound to attract more clicks and, consequently, more customers. At Pressific, we develop strategies for accumulating reviews naturally over time, which not only enhances your reputation but also sends positive signals to search engines.

Final Thoughts

When you ponder over SEO Questions, you’ll realise that local SEO isn’t merely about visibility; it’s about connecting with the right audience when it matters most. That’s where Pressific steps in. By zeroing in on pivotal elements, from GMB and local keywords to customer feedback, we ensure your local SEO is more than just a game plan—it’s a formidable edge over the competition.

We leverage RankMath Business’ local SEO features to optimize your Google My Business listings and other local search elements, connecting you effectively with your local customer base. Our keyword research will specifically look for keywords suitable for your locality.

  • On Pressific Max we will help you set up Google Business profile if you don’t have one.
  • We will set up your own online reputation management link to help you get good reviews while helping you avoid negative reviews.

What Should You Ask?

“What’s your approach to building high-quality backlinks?”

Why Should You Ask?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” In the realm of SEO, who links to you can be just as important as your own content.

Your SEO Specialist should discuss with you how to build quality backlinks.

How Pressific Delivers

At Pressific, we’re laser-focused on building a backlink profile for you that’s not just robust but also authentic and valuable. Let’s delve deeper into how we make this happen.

Quality Over Quantity

While having a high number of backlinks might sound tempting, the quality of those backlinks is far more important. That’s why we place an emphasis on acquiring natural, authoritative backlinks that genuinely bolster your website’s standing in the eyes of search engines and users alike.

Strategic Partnerships

We’ve formed strategic partnerships with some of the fastest-growing link-building agencies in the UK and USA to ensure that the backlinks you receive are top-notch. These aren’t just any agencies; they’re vetted partners known for their ability to secure valuable, high-authority links.

Before diving into link acquisition, we conduct thorough research to identify the most beneficial opportunities for your specific industry and target audience. By understanding your niche inside and out, we tailor a link-building strategy that aligns with your brand and goals.

Good content naturally attracts good links. By focusing on creating high-quality, shareable content, we encourage natural link-building that stands the test of time. Whether it’s an insightful blog post, a comprehensive guide, or an eye-catching infographic, we make sure that your content is link-worthy.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Link-building isn’t a one-off task; it’s an ongoing process. We continually monitor your backlink profile to ensure it remains healthy and free from toxic or low-quality links. If any such links are discovered, we take immediate action to remove or disavow them.

For our clients on the Pressific Max package, we offer an additional perk: one high-quality backlink included per month. This ensures a steady stream of quality backlinks being added to your profile, which is crucial for maintaining and improving your site’s authority over time.

Competitive Edge

By having a strong backlink profile, you not only improve your site’s SEO but also gain a competitive edge. High-quality links can be hard to come by, and by securing them consistently, we give you a leg up on your competition.

Pressific Max offers One High-Quality Backlink per Month

With Pressific, you’re not just getting random backlinks; you’re getting a well-thought-out, strategic approach to link-building that has long-term success written all over it.

On Pressific Max, one high-quality backlink is included per month. Also must read: What is Link Farming in SEO and Why You Should Never Do It

7. SEO Tools

What Should You Ask?

“What tools will be used for tracking and reporting?”

Why Should You Ask?

When addressing SEO Questions, the right tools become paramount. They can mean the difference between wandering aimlessly and journeying with clarity.

Ask your SEO Specialist about tools that help with tracking and reporting.

How Pressific Delivers

At Pressific, we embrace state-of-the-art technology to lay out a precise roadmap for your SEO expedition, with RankMath Business as our primary tool for tracking and reporting. But that’s just the beginning. Let’s delve further.

The Right Tools for the Right Job

Selecting the right tools is critical to the success of any SEO strategy. Our primary choice, RankMath Business, offers an array of tracking and reporting features that are crucial for analyzing performance and making data-driven decisions. This ensures that your SEO strategy is not based on gut feelings, but hard data.

Comprehensive Reporting

With RankMath Business, we offer comprehensive reports that give you a 360-degree view of your SEO performance. From keyword rankings and backlink profiles to user behaviour and conversion rates, the reports are designed to offer valuable insights into every aspect of your digital presence.

Easy-to-Understand Metrics

Data is only as good as your ability to understand and act upon it. That’s why our reports are not just data dumps. They’re clear, easy to understand, and actionable. We break down complex metrics into bite-sized pieces, giving you a quick yet thorough understanding of your performance.

Additional Tools for Specialised Tasks

While RankMath Business covers a lot of ground, specialized tasks sometimes require specialized tools. Whether it’s Google Analytics for in-depth user behaviour analysis or specialized crawlers for website audits, we have a portfolio of additional tools that we can deploy to offer a complete, nuanced view of your SEO landscape.

Real-Time Monitoring

SEO isn’t a “set it and forget it” kind of deal. It’s dynamic and ever-changing. Our real-time monitoring capabilities ensure that we can quickly respond to any shifts in your performance metrics, be it a sudden drop in organic traffic or changes in keyword rankings.

Transparency is Our Policy

Transparency breeds trust, and we aim to build a trusting relationship with all our clients. Our reporting not only informs you of what’s happening but also why it’s happening and what we’re planning to do about it. Every action we take is documented and shared with you, ensuring you’re never in the dark.

Regular Updates and Reviews

Keeping you in the loop is part of our process. Regular updates and reviews ensure that you are always aware of where you stand in your SEO journey. This also provides an opportunity for collaborative decision-making, making sure that the SEO strategy aligns well with your overall business goals.

8. Competitive Analysis

What Should You Ask?

“How do we fare against our competitors SEO-wise, and what’s our game plan?”

What Should You Ask?

Asking about your SEO performance against competitors and your game plan is crucial. It highlights your market position and directs your strategic efforts, helping you stay competitive and make smarter decisions.

Discuss with your SEO Specialist competitive analysis.

How Pressific Delivers

Competition analysis is crucial for SEO success. RankMath Business offers robust competitive analysis features that we utilise to plot your road to the top.

Constantly Updated Industry Insights

SEO is an ever-evolving landscape. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest industry news, trends, and updates, ensuring that your strategy is not just current but also future-proof. By being ahead of the curve, we can implement real-time adjustments that capitalize on new opportunities faster than your competitors can adapt.

Comprehensive Tools for Analysis

Our toolbox, which includes industry-leading software, provides deep insights into how your SEO efforts compare to those of your competitors. We rely on these tools to:

  1. Identify Key Competitors: Through meticulous research, we list out your key competitors based on common keywords, market segments, and consumer touchpoints.
  2. Benchmarking: This involves comparing essential metrics like backlinks, keyword rankings, and user engagement metrics with those of your competitors to gauge where you stand.

9. Updates and Reporting

What Should You Ask?

“What types of reports can I expect and what will they focus on?”

Why Should You Ask?

Regular SEO updates and reports are key to understanding your website’s performance. They show what’s working and what needs improvement, helping you stay competitive and adapt to industry changes. It’s essential for keeping your digital strategy on track.

Ask your SEO Specialist about types of reports and what should they be focused on?

How Pressific Delivers

Nobody likes feeling out of the loop. At Pressific, our top priority is giving you clear, custom updates on your business metrics. Let’s break down how we do that:

Straight to the Point Metrics

We keep our reports free of fluff. They’re focused on the key data points—like organic traffic, keyword positions, and conversion rates—that truly matter for your business.

Detailed Insights

Using RankMath Business analytics, our reports aren’t just numbers. We provide insights, explain changes and suggest next steps.

Clear Data Views

We turn complex data into simple visuals. With charts and timelines, you can quickly see how you’re doing.

Actionable Summaries

Every report wraps up with a clear game plan, so you know the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of upcoming strategies.

Always Here to Chat

Got a question about your report? Just drop us an email. We aim to make you confident about where your SEO is headed.

Staying Relevant

Business trends shift, and our reports change with them. We’ll always focus on what’s now important for your goals.

10. Budget and ROI

What Should You Ask?

“What budget should we allocate for SEO, and what ROI can we expect?”

Why Should You Ask?

When it comes to SEO Questions, here’s the million-dollar query, both literally and figuratively: How much should you invest, and what returns should you anticipate? The interplay between budget and ROI often dictates the success of an SEO approach.

Talk to your SEO specialist about budget and ROI

How Pressific Delivers

At Pressific, our focus is on delivering value that truly amplifies your investment. Let’s delve deeper into the details.

Tailored Budget Plans

One-size-fits-all just doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive market. We understand that every business has its own unique needs and limitations. Therefore, we offer tailored SEO budget plans that align with your specific objectives. Whether you’re a small business just stepping into the digital space or a large enterprise looking to dominate, we have a plan that suits you.

Predictable ROI

SEO is a long-term game, but that doesn’t mean you should be shooting in the dark. Based on our experience and industry trends, we provide realistic ROI projections. This gives you a clearer picture of what you can expect in return for your investment over different time frames.

Data-Driven Investment

Think of this as your car’s dashboard, showing you all the vital signs. With our RankMath Business tool, we offer a detailed view of key metrics, such as cost-per-click, customer acquisition costs and customer lifetime value. This data-driven approach allows us to continually refine your strategy to ensure optimal ROI.

Performance Metrics

We focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) that directly correlate to ROI. From organic traffic and conversion rates to keyword rankings and customer engagement, these metrics provide a quantifiable measure of the effectiveness of your SEO spend.

Ongoing Re-evaluation

The digital landscape is ever-changing, and your ROI expectations should be too. Regularly reviewing and adjusting the SEO strategy is integral to achieving sustainable ROI. If something’s working, we scale it; if it’s not, we figure out why and adjust accordingly.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Markets change, and so do business goals. Your budget and ROI expectations today may not be the same a year down the line. Our adaptable approach ensures that we can scale up or down based on your evolving needs and market trends.

ROI is indeed the end game, but it’s also a constantly moving target. At Pressific, we’re not just aiming to hit that target but to hit the bullseye. By aligning your budget closely with expected ROI and maintaining a transparent, data-driven approach, we ensure that every penny spent is a step toward achieving your business objectives.

11. Long-Term Strategy

What Should You Ask?

“What’s your long-term SEO strategy?”

Why Should You Ask?

While it’s tempting to look for quick wins in SEO, long-term success requires a well-thought-out strategy. It’s akin to building a house; you wouldn’t just think about the paint colour without considering the foundations, would you?

How Pressific Delivers

At Pressific, we’re in it for the long haul, and here’s how we make sure you’re set for sustainable growth.

Building a Solid Foundation

First things first, we focus on laying down a rock-solid SEO foundation for your website. This means thorough keyword research, competitive analysis, and technical SEO audits. Think of this stage as setting the chessboard; the game has just begun, but without the right pieces in place, you won’t get very far.

Discuss long term strategy with you SEO specialist.

Data-Driven Approach

Data is at the core of any effective long-term strategy. Utilizing the extensive analytics features of RankMath Business, we consistently track key metrics and performance indicators. This data-driven foundation informs all of our strategic decisions, allowing us to make smarter moves that result in lasting success.

Content Is King, but Context Is Queen

While content remains a driving force in the realm of SEO, it’s the quality and relevance that truly make a difference. Even though we don’t craft content for clients, our approach emphasizes the importance of ensuring your content is aligned with your brand’s voice and resonates with the changing needs and interests of your target audience.

Agile Methodology

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, agility is a must. We’re not just sticking to a plan for the sake of it; we’re constantly scrutinizing the data and ready to pivot when necessary. Whether it’s Google’s latest algorithm update or a sudden shift in consumer behaviour, we adapt your strategy to navigate these changes effectively.

Customer-Centric Focus

Long-term success in SEO is not just about pleasing search engines; it’s about delivering value to your customers. A happy customer is a returning customer, and search engines love websites that users trust. We keep user experience front and centre in all our strategic decisions, making sure that your site isn’t just SEO-friendly but also user-friendly.

KPI Reviews and Strategy Updates

As we hit different milestones, we’ll review the key performance indicators and reassess our strategies. It’s like a routine health check-up but for your website. These periodic reviews ensure that we are meeting targets and setting the stage for the next phase of your SEO journey.

Long-term success in SEO requires a well-thought-out strategy. Backed by the extensive analytics of RankMath Business, we plan for the long haul, constantly optimizing and adapting to ensure continuous growth.

12. Compliance and Adaptability

Discuss compliance and adaptation to Google's algorithms with your SEO Specialist.

What Should You Ask?

“How do you adapt to Google’s ever-changing algorithms?”

Why Should I Ask?

Asking about adapting to Google’s ever-changing algorithms is key to staying relevant online. Google frequently updates its algorithms, and falling behind can hurt your rankings and visibility

How Pressific Delivers

Pressific stays on top of Google’s algorithm changes so you don’t have to. We’re all about adapting and evolving, making sure you’re well-positioned in an ever-changing digital world. While numerous businesses might find themselves in a hustle to recalibrate strategies in the face of these shifts, those partnered with Pressific stand steady and prepared.

Years of Experience

With years of experience in the industry, our team has developed a keen intuition for understanding the potential impact of algorithm changes. We’ve seen trends come and go, and we know what sticks. This experience is invaluable in crafting an SEO strategy that’s not only effective now but designed to adapt and evolve.

Constantly Updated Industry Knowledge

Being on top of SEO industry news is not an option; it’s a necessity for us. Our team actively follows updates, case studies, and news from authoritative SEO sources. This constant learning enables us to predict algorithmic changes before they happen, allowing us to adjust our strategy proactively rather than reactively.

Diverse Toolset with RankMath Business at Its Core

We use a bunch of top-notch SEO tools for things like finding the right keywords, building links, and checking out the competition. RankMath Business is a key player in our set. With its smart tracking and reports, it helps us keep tabs on how well our SEO strategies are working and tweak them as needed, making sure you’re always one step ahead.

How Do We Adapt?

  1. Early Identification: As soon as news hits about a pending algorithm update, our team gets to work assessing its potential impact on your strategy.
  2. Risk Assessment: We evaluate current tactics and strategies to identify elements that may be affected by the update.
  3. Strategic Adaptation: Armed with this information and aided by RankMath Business analytics, we adapt your SEO strategy to align with the new algorithmic landscape.
  4. Testing and Refinement: Post-update, we monitor key performance indicators to ensure the new strategy is effective. Necessary tweaks are made to further align with the updated algorithms.
  5. Client Reporting: We believe in transparency. Through RankMath Business and other tools, we generate reports that are easy to understand, clearly outlining what changes were made, why they were made, and what results they’re yielding.
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By covering all these bases, we don’t just react to the SEO world as it changes; we stay one step ahead. And in the fast-paced world of SEO, that’s an advantage you can’t afford to miss out on.


Diving into SEO? Knowing what to ask is a good first step. We’ve covered 12 big SEO questions that’ll help guide your journey. But asking is only part of it; you need a team that can turn answers into action. That’s where Pressific steps in.

We've covered 12 big SEO questions that'll help guide your journey.

At Pressific, we see SEO as a big picture made up of many parts, like content, links, and strategy. With us, you get a full package, not just bits and pieces. Looking to target local customers? We’ve got tools for that. Want content that draws people in? We use smart tech to help. Worried about getting value for money? We’re all about making sure every pound works hard for you.

We’re always learning and adjusting because the online world doesn’t stand still. Plus, we believe in showing you the real results of our work, not just ticking off tasks.

In short, Pressific doesn’t just give you answers to those 12 SEO questions. We make those answers work for you. Whether you’re new to SEO or looking to boost your game, remember: Pressific’s got your back

Do I need to SEO optimise all my pages?

Yes, you absolutely do. SEO optimisation for all your pages is crucial for a few reasons:

Visibility: Every page on your website is an opportunity to be found on search engines. By optimising each one, you increase your chances of being discovered by potential customers or readers.

User Experience: SEO isn’t just about search engines; it’s about delivering a seamless and relevant experience for your visitors. Properly optimised pages ensure that users find exactly what they’re looking for, which can lead to longer site visits and more conversions.

Competitive Advantage: In the crowded digital landscape, even seemingly minor pages can give you an edge over competitors if they’re optimised correctly.
Site Health: Consistent SEO practices across all pages can improve the overall health and performance of your website, making it more appealing to search engines.

Remember, while your homepage or primary product pages might drive the most traffic, secondary or deeper pages can target specific audiences and answer specific queries. Don’t miss out on those opportunities!