Your Websites Run on 100% Renewable Energy

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Our platform suppliers

All Pressific websites are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. We do this by using Google Compute Engine (GCE).

Google Compute Engine is an Infrastructure as a Service offering that allows clients to run workloads on Google’s physical hardware. The Google Cloud Platform runs on 100% renewable energy.

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For most of our websites, we use Content Delivery Networks (CDN). We have been using Cloudflare for this from the beginning. Read about what Cloudflare is doing with regards to energy consumption.

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Tech Generation plants trees to offset any remaining carbon use

When we started our company, Tech Generation, which owns Pressific, our only choice was to offset the carbon footprint. Carbon offsetting is good but not as good as using renewable non-carbon energy sources. 

We’ve now found top-level server and network infrastructure suppliers who are using renewable energy. All Pressific client websites use renewable energy. Tech Generation’s affordable DIY hosting brand, Fusion Bear also run on 100% renewable energy but with a different infrastructure partner.

We overestimate and offset the carbon cost of our staff for business and personal energy consumption, and leisure travel. We plant trees via Ecologi.

Committed to being Earth-friendly

What's next?

We are looking to persuade our software suppliers, payment gateways, and banks to switch to renewable energy too. No matter what we do, there is more that can and should be done.

We are happy with what we’ve managed so far. But we will be doing more.

Although we are now happy to market our green hosting, the primary reason for being green is driven by the personal beliefs of the founders. As a  privately held company, Tech Generation is not obligated to prioritise profits.

A final thought

Being carbon negative isn’t just about climate change. The use of dirty energy affects local environments and reduces air and water quality for everyone.

Not being dependent on fossil fuels affects broader economic and political systems. We strongly believe that this is very positive for all of Earth’s inhabitants. 

    Your Websites Run on 100% Renewable Energy

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