Not Just Green Web Hosting

Carbon use of our servers and our employees are covered

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Our Platform Supplier

All Pressific websites are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. The Google Cloud Platform is 100% renewable. Google purchase renewable energy to match or exceed any consumption. Read their energy policy and commitments.

We Plant Trees to Offset Carbon Footprint

Although most of our partners are carbon-neutral, not everyone in the supply chain is carbon negative. Sometimes, the best services suppliers aren’t green, so we have to pick the best ones and offset their carbon cost while encouraging them to become greener. 

We (Tech Generation Ltd across all our brands) have calculated our carbon use for:

  • Every ongoing supplier of services that isn’t carbon-neutral yet.
  • Our employees (Both business and Personal energy consumption)

We plant trees via Ecologi

Not Hiding Behind Green-Screens

At Pressific, we use the best suppliers for various services and networks. Some of the top level suppliers happen to be carbon-neutral, and we offset the carbon footprint for secondary services that aren’t. We don’t compromise on quality. e.g. if two suppliers offer the best quality and one is greener but more expensive, then we will pick the expensive and greener one.

Sometimes, the best services aren’t green, so we have to pick the best ones and offset their carbon cost while we try to encourage them to become greener. 

When it comes to web technology, we are experienced, use the best options, and we are passionate about what we do. When it comes to being green, we are doing our best and have room to improve and something we do with love. Offsetting carbon is a great step, but we want to use renewable energy across the entire supply chain. This is the vision of the owners, and it’s something we will do whether that attracts new clients or not.

A final thought: Being carbon negative isn’t just about climate change. Use of dirty energy affects local environments and reduces air and water quality for everyone. Sustainable energy allows more people to access clean air and water.