Exclusive Discounts for Charitable and Non-profit Organisations

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Are you an eligible charity organisation?

Unlock a 40% discount for your organisation now!

As a valid charitable organisation, you are entitled to a 40% discount on our services. We welcome applications from organisations with valid charitable status from the IRS (in the United States), HMRC (in the UK) or registered charities in other countries. All we need is your tax ID number or registered charity number and you can enjoy the discount!

Stop missing out on this exclusive offer! Apply now and get your 40% discount with us today!

  • We do not offer discounts to organisations engaged in political activism or those that practice exclusionary policies based on discrimination.
  • Future payments for existing subscribers will be altered, but nothing prior to being approved will be refunded or credited.
  • The discount applies to standard rates and not in conjunction with other discounts and special rates.
  • Tech Generation Ltd (who owns Pressific) has the right to reject any application for any reason but wouldn’t do so under normal circumstances.


What if I’m running a charitable project that isn’t registered?

It’s disheartening to be excluded from a service you need—feeling like it just isn’t tailored for you and your unique situation.

Get in touch, we may be able to offer a different option suitable for you. We will try our best to include rather than exclude you.


Discounts on environmentally conscious products and services

At Pressific, we are committed to helping promote environmentally conscious products and services. We understand the importance of doing our part to reduce our environmental impact, and we want to help you do the same.

If you are selling eco-friendly products or services, we may be able to offer you a discount even if you are not a charity. We believe that everyone should have access to green products and services, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss further.

Discounts for Charitable helping small and medium charities