WordPress Hosting Comparison

Pressific Vs. Fusion Bear Vs. GoDaddy Hosting


Feature Pressific Fusion Bear Go Daddy
WordPress Hosting (Per month)
From £25 £6 From £4.99
Optimised WordPress Hosting on UK servers
By configuring CDNs you can make your website load super fast anywhere in the world. With Pressific, we do this for you. Fusion Bear has its own automatic CDN. With others, you can make use of CDN but you need to configure it yourself.
LiteSpeed Caching with REDIS
Advanced caching to make your websites faster.
n/a n/a
Rank Math Pro SEO
Pro Plug-in for SEO on WordPress
n/a n/a
Premium modules for Divi
We use Divi Page Builder so that clients can easily make edits, this is enhanced with pro modules to enable advanced functionality.
n/a n/a
Divi Page Builder
Divi builder makes it easy for clients to edit pages if they decide to do it themselves. Websites designed by Pressific comes with Divi. With other providers, you'll need to purchase it.
n/a n/a
Automated uptime monitoring
With advanced uptime monitoring, we will know if your website is down before your clients do. We will be able to fix or restore from backups if needed.
n/a n/a
Testing, updating themes/plugins/security and maintenance
With Pressific, this is something that we'd take care of.
n/a n/a
Developer time for making updates
We will make updates using the free developer time.
n/a n/a
SEO and Page optimisation by experienced WordPress Developers n/a n/a
Automated Backups 4 times per day n/a Not with basic hosting
Optimized Caching n/a
DDoS Protection
Hackers may attempt to hurt your website. But often, hackers use multiple small websites to bring down a bigger target. DDoS protection protects your website from crossfire.
Auto Updates
These can be configured on most WordPress hosting providers
Green Hosting 100% Renewable 100% Renewable n/a
Support for Server issues
Support for WordPress issues n/a n/a
Recovery if website breaks or is hacked n/a n/a
Learn how WordPress Works and make edits yourself
With Pressific you can make changes by yourself. With regular WordPress hosts, you will need to learn WordPress.